Who is young elder?

Young Elder is an exceptionally talented entertainer, social media influencer with a versatile acting prowess that have earned him thousands of fans and followers across the world.

Young Elder is best known for playing a satirising elderly man role in his comedy. His ability to twist his voice and mannerism like that of an old man makes him stand out among others.

Young Elder hails from Edo state and was born March 21st 1988 as Japheth Orobosa Efosa. Young Elder is a stage name he adopted when he discovered his potential as an entertainer. He was brought up in the capital city of Edo state, Benin City, Nigeria. He speaks Bini and English fluently.

Young Elder has committed himself to producing original, creative and excellent contents that have not only saturated the internet continuously but has also gained him recognition as one of the leading comedy brands in Nigeria. A brand he has steadily grew since 2015 till date. Overtime he has shown undisputable and tremendous growth.

Young Elder is the CEO of Elderly Nations Production House. An extension of Young Elder's brand with well trained actors and media team.

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